Fields of expertise

The LED Institut uses its main expertises to realize lighttechnical and thermal lighting systems. Furthermore it is capable to support national and international business partners over the world with high level technical knowledge.

We have outstanding expert knowledge in the analysis of perimeter systems, which  are commonly used in professional sport stadiums in combination with digital overlay systems. Herefore the assessment and benchmarking of this systems are inevitable.


Our distinct services:


We help you to decide for the appropriate digital product for your purpose.  Depending on the application, whether it’s a perimeter system for sport stadiums or an advertisement wall for a retail shop, we provide you with the relevant advice.

Professional expertise:

Based on years of experience in prestigious german lighting companies we can offer a deep understanding of the LED technology and it’s surrounding components.


Lighting and electrical parameters can be measured by our qualified personnel. Our laboratory is equipped with special measurement tools like the Integration-Sphere, the Spectralradiometer, Illuminance Meters or the Luminance Meter. Furthermore our institute is furnished with a special black and white laboratory to determine all necessary parameters for lighting purposes.

With our well-founded knowledge we are capable to analyze the package of the LED determining the overall lighting result, the lifetime behaviour of the LED and the particular final product.








Case studies:

Depending on the individual lighting purposes we analyze and characterize the relevant parameters and give you the advise needed to guarantee the best lighting solution for your application.

Quality management:

UEFA compliance testing: 

Regarding perimeter systems with the upcoming digital overlay we can verify the compliance to the UEFA guidelines.








Damage reports and investigation:

Founded on our experience we investigate and determine the causes of damage to all kinds of lighting systems. Final product is an extensive damage report, which covers all neccessary details to comprehend the circumstances of the damage event.